What does the garden of England sound like?  
In 2016 I invited the people of Kent, UK to send me the sounds in their life.
It could be a sound they love or find interesting, I then used all of the sounds to create this song.
All of the sounds are on this track and the ones that had videos were used to make this film.
A Massive thank you to everyone that has sent in a sound and a big thanks to BBC Radio Kent and Unfest
The track was premiered on BBC Radio Kent drive time show with Dominic King. 
Here's what happened:
I invited everyone in Kent to get
involved in a song, capturing the sound
of the county.
Co writing a song with 1.8 million people*
*subject to availability. ha ha (population of Kent)


This is what I need you to do….

Or send it as an email to:


or to my social media:

Twitter @paulcheesemusic

Facebook Paulcheesemusic

The track will be built up in the month before Unfest (Tunbridge Wells free music festival) and played on The Dominic King show, BBC Radio Kent, on May 30th

Is a sound in your life you love or find interesting, I want you to capture it with whatever comes to hand, probably your phone (record it as a video or audio) Then you can upload it into the link.


Unfest - Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival returns in 2017 on the 26, 27, 28 and 29 May.  

Music, poetry, art and some food along the way, taking place in venues across Royal Tunbridge Wells.

I will also be inviting groups of people to come together and make contributions, Bands, dance troops, classes, scout groups, etc etc 

Every year I like to try something different for the Tunbridge Wells free music festival ‘Unfest’... 'TheBigRecord' Paul Cheese, Unfest 2017

(Last year I played 10 gigs in a day, cycling to each venue with all my gear)

I will also be inviting people to be part of the recording by setting up a recording studio in the museum and art gallery on Saturday 27th May as part of the Tunbridge Wells free music festival, Unfest.